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Arabic Department


The Department of Arabic of Halakura college was established in 1991. After the inception of the department, Md. Abdullah of Agomani joined in the year 1991 as a Full Time lecturer of Arabic Department of Halakura College. After the inception the Arabic Department was solely run by him and it was in 1992 that another Full Time lecturer joined the department named Abdul Hamid Ahmed. Md. Abdullah left in 1992. Mr. Abdul Hamid Ahmed was fresh from the university at that time and he devoted himself fully to the department. The Department of Arabic was in existence only with this one lecturer, viz. Abdul Hamid Ahmed, till the year 1997. In the year 1998, a fresh one from the locality of Halakura by the name of Sheikh Abdullah Ahmed, an M.A. in Arabic with UGC norms, joined the department. Until 1998, Major Course in Arabic was not opened. The year 1999 saw the introduction of Major Course in Arabic side by side with Pass Course and some students aspiring for Major in Arabic was offered the subject. Since 1999, many aspirants of the department became Honours Graduates. In the year 2000, Mr. Dabir Uddin Ahmed joined the department as a lecturer and in 2010, two other young men named Dr Nurul Amin Sheikh and Dr. Abdulla Hil Kafi joined the department as full- time lecturers At present, the number of Assistant Professors in the department is four. Mr. Abdul Hamid Ahmed of the department became the Principal of the college in 2003 and continuing in the same position till date.
The students of department of Arabic showed commendable performance as students of Major Course. As a result, a large no. students of the department went for Post-Graduate degrees and got admitted in universities like Gauhati University, Assam University and others and achieved P.G. and Ph.D. in Arabic from different universities. At present, they are working as Assistant professors/Subject teachers in various colleges, Higher Secondary Schools and other institutions.
Halakura college has always been the only higher educational institution in this part of Dhubri. The college, since its establishment, has taken up the responsibility of imparting higher education to the poorest of the poor students of the locality bordering Bangladesh and the state of West Bengal. The Arabic department has left no stone unturned to make the study of Arabic popular among the students and the people of the community.
Later on, in the year 2000 the Department left no stone unturned to encourage the students with creativity and the community by organizing different programmes.
The Department of Arabic has organized a lot of departmental seminars and workshops, undertaken educational tours for students of the department.


• Md. Abdullah, M.A.
• Dr. Abdul Hamid Ahmed, M.A. Ph.D.
• Mr. Sheikh Abdullah Ahmed, M.A.
• Dr. Dabir Uddin Ahmed, M.A. Ph.D.
• Dr. Nurul Amin Sheikh, M.A. M.Phil. Ph.D.
• Dr. Abdulla Hil Kafi, M.A.B.Ed. M.Phil. Ph.D

All the teaching faculty of the department are very sincere, punctual and co-operative. They have devoted their life to betterment of the department by taking active role in all departmental activities and functions.

The objective of the department is to spread awareness about the necessity of studying Arabic literature and language, its history and development among those interested to pursue the study the subject. The department wishes to impart a knowledge of the past and present state of the Arabic language among the students.

There exists a very warm, cordial and interactive relationship between the teachers and students of the department. The department has a number of full-time faculties, two of which have doctoral degrees. The department publishes a Wall Magazine annually. The faculties of the department join hands together with the students to make all its curricular and extra-curricular functions productive and successful.

• To organise UGC Sponsored State-level, National/International Seminars.
• To open a Departmental Library with useful Books, Journals and periodicals.
• To work towards a separate department to function smoothly and efficiently.
• To organise Departmental tour for the students of the department to pay visits to the important places.
• To organize awareness programmes against communalism and other such social evils.
• To publish a research journal in future.


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