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Certificate Course


The area in which the College is established is largely dominated by Rajbanshi-speaking communities and there was a growing demand in the public mind for the introduction of a Certificate Course in Rajbanshi. In pursuance of the growing public demand, Halakura College introduced ‘Certificate Course in Rajbanshi Language’ (Self-Financed) in the year 2022. The Committee to conduct the Certificate Course was constituted in the first few months of the year 2022. The first batch of the course got admission in the course in July-August of 2022. The Course was so popular with the people of the surrounding areas that enrolment in the year of introduction exceeded 150. Aspirants from different parts of the district of Dhubri, from other districts of Assam and also from neighbouring West Bengal districts thronged the college campus for admission into the course.

The Core Committee :
Advisor : Sailendra Kishore Ray, President, Governing Body, Halakura College
Chair Person : Dr. Abdul Hamid Ahmed, Principal, Halakura College
Coordinator : Dr. Uma Kanta Roy, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Assamese

Members :
Dr. Sibasish Chatterjee, Coordinator, IQAC, Halakura College
Dr. Rajat Kumar Sarma, Assistant Professor & HOD, Dept. of Assamese
Mrs. Gita Roy, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Philosophy
Mr. Hemanta Kumar Roy, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Philosophy
Dr. Apurba Kumar Roy, Assistant Professor, Dept. of English
Dr. Saiful Rahman, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Philosophy


Download Syllabus of Rajbanshi Certificate Course :

CCRL Syllabus

CCRL Syllabus Docs to download