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English Department


History of the Department:
The Department of English of Halakura College was established in the year 1991. As the department was establishment, Mr. Subhasis Dutta, a local Social Worker and an M.A. in English, joined the department as a Part-Time lecturer. Mr. Bimal Kanti Deb, a Subject teacher of English of Halakura H. S School joined the college as the Honorary Principal. Besides being shouldering the responsibility of the Principal, he also looked after the well-being of the department of English, took classes and got involved in all the activities of the department. Then the Local educated youths, particularly having passed M.A. English were invited to join as Guest Faculty in the department. Mr. Ranjit Dam, fresh from university, joined as Part-Time teacher in 1994 but after a short time left the job here to join an H.S. School. Miss Ira Khen, Nurul Islam Mollah and Biswajit Dutta were provisionally appointed as lecturers in the department in the year 1995. They worked in the department as lecturers only for a short period of time. Shibdas Bhattacharjee, another young man of the locality, rendered service to the department as part-time faculty for some time in 1996-97. Biswa Ranjan Shill, working still as an Assistant Professor in the department of English, joined the college as a part-time teacher in 1996 as a part-time teacher.
After the establishment of the college, only pass course subjects were offered in the college. It was only In the year 1993-94, Honours Course was Introduced in the department of English side by side with pass course. This opened new avenues for local aspirants to become honours graduates in Engish. A good number of students of the English department passed with honours in English and entered into different spheres of life and activity. Some of the passed out students opted for post Graduate degrees and took admission in different universities including the Gauhati University and achieved post-graduate degrees. At present, many of them are established in teaching and other other professions.
One of the students of the department, Dr. Pabitra Basak, did Ph.D and later on became a WBCS Cadre and at present he is working as Deputy Assistant Director of Consumer Affairs and Fair Business Practices, govt. of West Bengal, Siliguri Regional Office.
The department has been organizing Departmental Seminars among students of the department for a long time. It has also started to organize other events such debate competitions etc for the betterment of the students.



• Mr. Bimal Kanti Deb (1991-97)
• Mr. Subhasish Dutta (1991-97)
• Mr. Ranjit Kumar Dam (1994-95)
• Miss Ira Khen (1995-96)
• Mr. Biswajit Dutta ((1995-96)
• Mr. Nurul Islam Mollah (1995-97)
• Mr. Jahedul Islam Majumdar (1996-97)
• Mr. Shibdas Bhattacharjee (1996-97)
• Mr. Biswaranjan Seal (1996-98)
• Dr. Sibasish Chatterjee (1998–)
• Mr. Mrityunjay Sarma (1999-2001)
• Mr. Ashraful Alom (1999–)
• Dr. Apurba Kumar Roy (2008–)
• Mr. Biswaranjan Seal (2008–)

The faculty-members of the department are very sincere, dedicated, co-operative and punctual. They perform all their duties for the betterment of the department and take active role in all departmenta functions.


The objective of the department is to inculcate an interest in the students of the locality to pursue the study of English literature and language as Honours subject and for further studies. The department endeavours to remove the fear of Engish from the minds of the students hailing from rural countryside and make the language popular.

The relationship existing between the students and teachers of the department is very cordial and this makes classroom interaction possible. The students and teachers take active part in departmental programmes together and make them successful. There are four full time faculties in the department all of whom are fully dedicated to the progress and wellbeing of the department.

• To organize departmental workshop-seminar to enhance the writing and speaking skills of the students.
• To organise local, state-level and National/International Seminars.
• To set up a well-furnished Departmental Library. With the help of our authority are will arrange will accommodate-separate Department.
• To organse Departmental tours to nearby places of interest.
• To bring out a Departmental magazine or journal in future.

The syllabus of Engish is designed to apprise the students of the Indian Classical literature (in translation), Western Classical Literature (in translation), history of the English literatue from the earliest times to the modern age with intensive study of specific texts. The optional papers deal with American literature, Indian English LIteratue, Women’s literature, Popular Literature, Literary Criticism, study of language and linguistics and so on. From the literature part, students gathers literary knowledge about oral-folk literature, Classic literature, Romantic literature, Modern literature and literary criticism. From the culture part students will get multicolored cultural knowledge of North-Eastern region.




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