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Sanskrit Department


The Department of Sanskrit of Halakura college was established in the year 2008 to meet the growing demands of a section of the students of the locality wishing to study Sanskrit language and literature as both Pass and Major subject.. The department of Sanskrit was opened in Halakura College with only opening permission from concerned authorities and on the basis of that permission, Pass as well as Honours courses in Sanskrit were introduced in the college. After the inception of the department, in the year 2008, Mr. Bikash Kumar Bhakat, M.A. in Sanskrit, was appointed as a part-time lecturer. Mr. Bikash Kumar Bhakat, was appointed as a full-time faculty on 12th November, 2009. Ms. Minati Sarkar, an M.A. in Sanskrit, belonging to the locality of the college, was appointed to the post of full-time lecturer on16th November, 2009. Ms. Minati Sarkar worked in the department till she resigned from the post on 12th March, 2012 and joined the department of Sanskrit of P.B.College, Gauripur. Dr. Bikash Kumar Bhakat alone had to take up on his shoulders the responsibility of taking the classes and managing all the associated activities of the department till 2014..
In 2014, an enterprising young man of the locality, Mr. Pronab Kumar Mondal, an M.A. in Sanskrit, was appointed as a part-time lecturer and he served the department of Sanskrit till 2018. Mr. Pronab Kumar Mondal left the job to seek better job opportunities elsewhere. In 2019, Mr. Birbhadra Kumar Roy joined the department as a part-time lecturer and stayed in the same capacity only for a short period of time. Since Birbhadra Kumar Roy left the job, Mr. Bikash Kumar Bhakat has been the only teacher left in the department to manage classes and all other works. In due course, in its effort to obtain University affiliation for Sanskrit, the college authorities applied for Govt. Concurrence, but unfortunately, the Govt. Concurrence has not yet been given and the department is still running only with the opening permission which it received at the time of its introduction.
Despite shortage of teachers and other difficulties, the students of the department of Sanskrit have been able to show commendable performance in Sanskrit Honours and Sanskrit Pass subjects and the department has produced many Honours Graduates in Sanskrit by now, some of whom went for higher studies in the subject in different universities including Gauhati University which is nearby. Some alumni of the department have become established in their life and career—some became teachers, some opted for B.Ed and L.L.B in their endeavour to have a solid footing in the society.
Halakura college is the only higher educational institution in the westernmost part of Dhubri. Since its inception, the college has left no stone unturned to open up new avenues to study Classical subjects for the students of the locality. The Department of Sanskrit is the product of such vision of the college. The Department of Sanskrit has endeavoured to the best of its ability to popularize among the intending students and the community around the study of the great Indian classical language and the vast superb literature it has produced. The department of Sanskrit organizes different programmes to create an awareness and love among the people and the students for the study of Sanskrit and the great cultura tradition of India.
The Department of Sanskrit regularly organises departmental seminars and workshops and also takes interested students out on educational tours to nearby places of cultural and historical interest.


• Mr. Bikash Kumar Bhakat, M.A. Ph.D (2008–)
• Ms. Minati Sarkar, M.A. (2009-2012)
• Mr. Pronab Kumar Mondal, M.A.
• Mr. Birbhadra Kumar Roy, M.A.

The objective of the Department of Sanskrit is to spread awareness and create love for the Classical language and literature, i.e. Sanskrit as it is a great legacy left by the ancients.The department tries to inculcate in the minds of the students about the necessity of studying Sanskrit literature and language, its history and development and encourages them to pursue the study of the subject in degree Honours level. Without the study of the Sanskrit language and literature, it is not possible to explore India’s past heritage and so the department tries its level best to keep it living in the life and mental horizon of the students and community through creating awareness.

A loving and interactive relationship between teachers and students is the key to proper transference of knowledge. The department, at present, has only one lecturer and it is seeking enterprising teachers who would join and take up the responsibility of teaching Sanskrit in the department. The department of Sanskrit anuually publishes a Wall Magazine with literary contributions from the students of the department.

• To organise State and National-level Seminars.
• To establish a Departmental Library with classics and other useful Books and Journals.
• To strive for a separate department for smooth functioning for the greater interest of the students and teacher.
• To continue to organise Departmental tours to near and far-off places of interest.
• To organize awareness programmes against deforestation, rampant pollution, communalism etc.
• To bring out a departmental magazine and a research journal in future.


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