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The Halakura College was established in the year of 1991 by the well wishers of the locality of Halakura. The College was situated in the western part of Dhubri District of Assam and adjacent to West Bengal border. The College has been affiliated to Gauhati University, Assam in the year of1994 and got permanent affiliation in the year of 1998.
Since its inception, the Department of Economics was opened in the same year along with the Deptts. Of Assamese, English, Political Science, History, Philosophy, Arabic Education and so on.Late Ramendra Narayan Bhattacharya, a subject teacher of Halakura Higher Secondary school was appointed as a Guest faculty to run the Deptt. Then he was the permanent teacher of Halakura Higher Secondary School. Later on, In the year of 1992, Dr. Chaya Rani Paul was appointed as a full time Lecturer by the honourable G.B., Halakura College, Halakura.She was the Departmental Head with Ramen Bhattacharya,a Guest faculty to run the Department smoothly. Mr. Shashadhar Kalita was appointed as a Full Time lecturer by the Governing Body of Halakura College, Halakura in the year 1995 and he has been rendering commendable service for the betterment of the students of the department since his joining in the college. To meet the demand of the department for more teachers, Mr. Dilip Kumar Saha was appointed as a Full Time lecturer in the department of Economics in the year 1998 and he is still working in the department. Side by side, for the upgradation of the department, Mr. Shahjahan Ali, another energetic young man was also appointed in the department as a Part-time lecturer by the Governing Body of the college in 1998. Mr. Shahjahan Ali left the department in 1999. In the year 2008, Mr. Khandakar Rafiqul Islam was appointed in the department by the Governing Body of the college and he is still working as a Tutor Assistant Professor in the department.
At initial stages of opening of the department, only pass course subject was introduced. Side by side, the College authority got permission from the Gauhati University to introduce Honours in Economics. The College also applied for Major concurrence in 1994 for the department under the guidance of Dr. Bhagaban Moral, the then Principal of the college. Since then many students of the locality became graduates and Honours graduates. In such an interior place like Halakura, the students of the Department showed a commendable performance in University examinations. As a result, they were in a position for obtaining higher education within the state and outside of the state too. Some students got admitted in Gauhati University, Dibrugarh University, and Bodoland University of BTC and so on and obtained post graduate degrees, even Ph. D. Degree too. Some of them have been working as Asstt. Professors , Subject teachers in various Colleges , Higher Secondary Schools and Junior Colleges of Assam ,Tet teachers in Elementary Schools in Assam. This is a great performance of the Department that poor students who had no alternatives for higher education , they had easily got permanent govt services to derive their livelihood.
Since its inception, the Department has been organising seminars, Quiz competition, workshops for enhancing the carrier development of the students. In collaboration with the honours students, the Department has also been organising excursion to broaden the scope of the creative development of the students. Likewise, the Department is also observing the national days such as Gandhi Jayanti , the Republic Day. , Teachers Day alongside some state observance Days such as Lachit Divas’, Shilpi Divash and so on.

Name of the Faculti Members of Economics Department (from beginning till today)
1. Late Ramendra Narayan Bhattacharya. (1991-93)
2. Dr. (Rtd.) Chaya Rani Paul.(1991-2018)
3. Mr. Shashadhar kalita .(1994-)
4. Md. Sahajahan Ali.(1998-99)
5. Mr. Dilip Kr. Saha. (1998-)
6. Md. Khandakar Rafiqul Islam.(2008-)

The faculty members of the department are very sincere and punctual in performing their duties and responsibilities for the greater interest of the department. Again, they are diligent enough to take active part in all departmental functions.
Objective of the Department:
The objective of the department is imparting quality education in Economics Honours and also to enhance their interest for further/higher studies. The department of Economics always tries to organise some awareness programmes in the college to highlight and popularise the subject among the community and to draw the interest of the rural students to study the subject.
The strength of the Department:
The existing relationship between students and teachers are very close which makes peaceful interaction possible. The students and teachers take active part in the different departmental programmes organised side by side with the classes.
1. To organise Departmental Workshop, Seminars, Symposium to enhance the knowledge, writing and speaking skills of the students.
2. To organise local, state-level, national seminars/webinars.
3. To organise departmental tours to nearby places of interest.
4. To bring out a departmental magazine.

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